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  • Open and transparent price,win the trust of customers!
    Good aluminum ingot,good crystallization

    Price of aluminium alloy ingots

    Tax included Unit:Yuan per ton
      Name of product Today Yesterday UP or DN Date Chart Historical Contact

    aluminum ingot

    Aluminum rod

    • Level 1 aluminum rod(Fe<0.25) 18360 18340 20 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Level 2 aluminum rod(Fe0.25~0.35) 18260 18240 20 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Level 3 aluminum rod(Fe>0.35) 17960 17940 20 2023-03-17 Historical

    Manager Yu: 19307019698

    Chen Jinyu  : 18807013368

    Wu hao       : 18707010988

    Duan Haiwei: 18170150739

    Wei Junpei  : 18807018969

    Wan li'e      : 15207017866

    Hu Zhibin    : 15207017999
    Jiang Fuling: 18707015318

    Wu Xuebing: 15107017888

    Tel: 0701-5386189


    Price of copper material items

    Tax included Unit:Yuan per ton
      Name of product Today Yesterday UP or DN Date Chart Historical Contact

    Copper bar

    • T3 copper rod 67300 67200 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • T3?copper?bar 68300 68200 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • T3?tnned copper bar 68900 68800 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Anaerobic copper rods 67900 67800 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • T2 copper bars(copper rods) 68900 68800 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • T2 tinned copper bar 69500 69400 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Shaped copper bars 69700 69600 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • T1 copper bar 69200 69100 100 2023-03-17 Historical

    Phosphor copper ball

    • Anode phosphor copper ball 68300 68200 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Anodic phosphor copper corner 68200 68100 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Secondary anode copper phosphate ball 68000 67900 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Secondary anode phosphor copper corner 67900 67800 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Microcrystalline phosphor copper ball 68700 68600 100 2023-03-17 Historical

    Copper strip

    • Busbar 69600 69500 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Copper plate(thickness ≥2mm) 69600 69500 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Copper strip(thickness 0.9~1.9mm) 70000 69900 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Copper strip (thickness 0.1 ~ 0.8mm) 70400 70300 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Cable copper strip (thickness 0.05 ~ 0.09mm) 73100 73000 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Fireproof cable copper strip 71100 71000 100 2023-03-17 Historical


    • National?standard?of?brass?rod?HPb59-1 49000 49000 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Enterprise?standard?of?brass?rodHPb59-1 47500 47500 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Brass Bar Hpb57-3 46000 46000 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Brass Bar Hpb56-4 45700 45700 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Brass Bar Hpb55-4 45400 45400 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Brass Bar Hpb54-4 45100 45100 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Brass empty pipe 46300 46300 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Hexagonal hollow pipe 46500 46500 0 2023-03-17 Historical

    Director of Copper Sales:18007010558

    Manager Yang Zhenyu: 18807010029

    Manager Chen Min: 18807011828

    Manager Zhu Mengfei: 15207017888

    Manager Wu Pengchun: 15907018199

    Manager Chen Shengtai: 1980701099

    Tel / Fax: 0701-5386189

    Zhejiang Yueqing:

    Manager Peng: 13587755131
    Tel / Fax: 0577-62736890
    Jiangsu Suzhou:
    Manager Cheng: 18351118958

    Tel / Fax: 0512-65386005

    Jiangsu Yixing:
    Manager zou:18807012898
    Tel / Fax:0510-87200228

    Jiangsu Nanjing:
    Manager Peng:18807018798
    Tel / Fax:0510-87200228

    Jiangsu Yangzhong:
    Manager Li: 18870180909
    Tel / Fax: 0511-88212618

    Guangdong Dongguan:
    Manager Zong: 18819106196
    Tel / Fax: 0769-85350206
    Guangdong Foshan:
    Manager Peng: 15070118685
    Tel / Fax: 0757-85518689
    Guangdong Foshan and Hunan Changsha:

    Manager Yu: 18819106901


    Manager Zhang:15107016586


    Price of aluminum products

    Tax included Unit:Yuan per ton
      Name of product Today Yesterday UP or DN Date Chart Historical Contact

    • Extruded preform 20840 20820 20 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Spray 21160 21140 20 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Non standard spraying 20730 20710 20 2023-03-17 Historical
    • White electrophoresis, champagne electrophoresis 22850 22830 20 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Oxidation 21900 21880 20 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Golden yellow electrophoresis 23490 23470 20 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Red copper electrophoresis 24340 24320 20 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Black pearl 24340 24320 20 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Sprayed wood grain 23910 23890 20 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Crystal swimming wood grain 26140 26120 20 2023-03-17 Historical
    • High gloss wood grain 24340 24320 20 2023-03-17 Historical

    Tel.: 0701-5386777
    Fax: 0701-5386689
    Manager Wu: 15107019888

    Manager Wei: 18807018958

    Manager Zhang: 18166011555

    Manager Mao: 19107016988

    Manager Wang: 18807010559

    Manager Chen: 18166019699


    Purchase price of scrap copper

    Tax excluded Unit:Yuan per ton
      Name of product Today Yesterday UP or DN Date Chart Historical Contact


    • High pressure Cupper Mill Berry 62600 62500 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Bright copper 62300 62200 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Single line bright copper 62000 61900 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Telephone line 62800 62700 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Copper chops 62600 62500 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • red copper 61700 61600 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Thick enameled wire (≧1.2 mm) 59200 59100 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Enamelled wire(≧0.5mm) 57300 57200 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Thin enamel wire (<0.5mm) 52900 52900 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • 1# copper Candy 61000 61000 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Copper scraps 48000 47900 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Red machine copper 43700 43600 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Large machine copper 41900 41800 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Small mahine copper 41500 41400 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Brass Honey 40700 40600 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Brass Ebony 24400 24400 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • tank 37700 37600 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Brass turning 41300 41200 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • 62% Cu brass 43900 43800 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Bell metal 66100 66000 100 2023-03-17 Historical

    Manager Huang:15807019668
    Manager Peng: 13707010155
    Manager Song: 15907018399
    Manager Tong: 15907018686


    Purchase price of scrap aluminum

    Tax excluded Unit:Yuan per ton
      Name of product Today Yesterday UP or DN Date Chart Historical Contact


    • Wrought aluminium ingot 15800 15800 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • aluminum UBC ingot 15700 15700 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Fragile aluminum ingot 16300 16300 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Miscellaneous wrought aluminum 13400 13400 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Aluminum UBC 13000 13000 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Aluminium tank 34800 34700 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • 1 series leftover materials 16300 16300 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • 6063 white material 16100 16100 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Used material of profile 14900 14900 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Spray profile 14300 14300 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • 6061 white material 15900 15900 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • 6082 white material 15600 15600 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • 3series leftover materials 15400 15400 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • 5052 white material 15600 15600 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • 5083 white material 15300 15300 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • 7series leftover materials 15100 15100 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Alloy chips 8200 8200 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Bright aluminum wire 16300 16300 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Aluminum wire 15800 15800 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Steel wire aluminum wire 16400 16400 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Drawn aluminum wire 16800 16800 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Rusted aluminum wire 15400 15400 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Rusted aluminum wire 15000 15000 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Clean aluminum formwork 15700 15700 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Body、 piston、Automobile hub 15500 15500 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Motorcycle wheel 15300 15300 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Mechanical aluminium 14700 14700 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Civilian aluminum 14500 14500 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Fragile aluminum scrap 16000 16000 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Non-standard frangible aluminum scrap 15700 15700 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Shredded aluminium 14400 14400 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Shredded Fragile aluminum 15000 15000 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Broken wrought aluminium(price*Alu yield) 15300 15300 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Cast aluminium crumbs(price*Alu yield) 15800 15800 0 2023-03-17 Historical

    Manager Huang:15807019668
    Manager Peng: 13707010155
    Manager Song: 15907018399
    Manager Tong: 15907018686


    Purchase price of lead, zinc and motor

    Tax excluded Unit:Yuan per ton
      Name of product Today Yesterday UP or DN Date Chart Historical Contact


    • 1 # zinc ingot 19000 19000 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Machine zinc 14300 14300 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Miscellaneous zinc 13300 13300 0 2023-03-17 Historical


    • 1 # lead ingot 13100 13000 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Lead tube 13000 12900 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Miscellaneous lead 11100 11100 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • White battery 7600 7500 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Black battery 6000 6000 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Miner's lamp 2400 2300 100 2023-03-17 Historical

    Motor class

    • Y type motor ≧ 7.5 kilowatts 5700 5700 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Y type motor < 7.5 kilowatts 5700 5700 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Old fashional motor 5200 5200 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Long compressor 6800 6800 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Large compressor 5100 5000 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Small compressor 6000 6000 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Immersible pump(submersible pump) 3700 3700 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Aluminum core motor 1800 1800 0 2023-03-17 Historical

    Transformer class

    • SJ transformer 6500 6500 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • S9 series transformer with less than 50 KVA 8400 8400 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • S9 series transformer with 80 KVA 9800 9700 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • S9 series transformer with more than 100 KVA 10600 10500 100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Instrument transformer(mutual inductor) 3700 3700 0 2023-03-17 Historical


    • Manganese steel 2900 2900 0 2023-03-17 Historical


    • Scrap tin (63%) 92000 90000 2000 2023-03-17 Historical


    • Mechanical magnesium 15000 15000 0 2023-03-17 Historical

    Manager Huang:15807019668
    Manager Peng: 13707010155
    Manager Song: 15907018399
    Manager Tong: 15907018686


    Price of scrap steel iron acquisition

    Tax excluded Unit:Yuan per ton
      Name of product Today Yesterday UP or DN Date Chart Historical Contact

    steel scrap

    • Heavy HMS≥10mm 2850 2850 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Medium scrap steel≥6mm 2800 2800 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Small scrap steel≧3mm 2700 2700 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Mechanical iron 2750 2750 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Integrated material scrap≥1mm 2300 2300 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Light and thin scrap steel<1mm 2000 2000 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • colored iron can 1800 1800 0 2023-03-17 Historical
    • Wirerope 1800 1800 0 2023-03-17 Historical

    Peng Jianghua: 19807018800


    Purchase price of stainless steel

    Tax excluded Unit:Yuan per ton
      Name of product Today Yesterday UP or DN Date Chart Historical Contact

    Stainless steel

    • 304 new material 11000 11300 -300 2023-03-17 Historical
    • 304 first-hand adhesive edge 10800 11000 -200 2023-03-17 Historical
    • 304 Cutting industrial materials 10800 11000 -200 2023-03-17 Historical
    • 304 unified material 10500 10600 -100 2023-03-17 Historical
    • 316 industrial material 20000 20800 -800 2023-03-17 Historical
    • 301 6.5 Nickel 8600 8800 -200 2023-03-17 Historical
    • 304 shavings (clean, oil-free and water-free) 9500 10100 -600 2023-03-17 Historical

    Manager Yang: 15107015396

    Manager Ling: 15107015396



    Service Hotline

    Service Hotline


    Service Hotline

    QR code

    QR code

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